Info request re Ralph Edwards jacket


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Howdy, folks. I am looking for some information on a USN flight jacket that my father wore for many years, after which I wore it for many years—until it sadly no longer fit. I plan to ask a nephew if he wants it, but I’d like to be able give him some info, like model number/typical designation and date.

I’ve been searching around this forum and other places, but have not found a reference listing specs x makers x contracts x date of manufacturer.

Specification MIL-J-7823 (AER)
Ralph Edwards Sportswear
Contract NO. QM.(CTM)-2313

thanks, bws

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Hi, that's a jacket contract spec that was in place through the 1950's. Be great to see some more pics of the jacket if you'd like to post them. A few of us here are working on a beginners guide to USN jackets which might help fill in some of the blanks. Hopefully we'll be posting that soon (we're sorting out pics as it happens). I'm sure others who know more will be along to chip in.


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It looks gorgeous. It could definitely use some love though. If you're thinking of gifting it to someone (or just keeping it as an heirloom!), I would recommend sending it to someone who could replace the knits and give it a new zipper pull. It's a lovely jacket that's still got a lot of life left in it! :)


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Also, in reference to your question about the date (and building on Flash’s assessment), almost certainly 1953-54: the contract immediately before Ralph Edwards can be dated to 1953, while the next datable one afterward, two contracts later, was issued in 1955.