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His name is David A. Christian according to him and somehow his paperwork he entered the US Army at 17 was appointed 1st Lt. by 19 and Captain by 20 became a Green Beret, Airborne LRRP , special forces and a ton of other tabs but spent all of 6 months in Vietnam earning a DSC, 2 SILVER STARS with V, 2 Bronze Stars with V, 3 Air Medals with V, 7 Purple Hearts along with a butt load of other medals along with twice nominated for the Medal of Honor. He claimed he has been shot some 100 times, single handed charged enemy bunker and took it out with 2 grenades and his knife. His final wound was being burned by Napalm spending 2 years in a hospital in Japan then promoted to Captain then full medical discharge from the Army. And at the same time he is in the hospital he is magically at an ivy league University earing his JD a five year degree in 19 months then went on to all kinds of degrees and having some 33 surgeries...all at the same time as all his Presidential Appointments blah blah blah! Tell me, am I nuts in thinking this guys is total BS? Go read all the stories on this guy, but pay real close attention to the time frames. I sure would like to know how this guy has not been busted by the FBI for stolen valor. I looked up all his claims of University Credits and did not find him on any University Alumni. NOW I know you guys are going to jump on me for posting this saying it should be somewhere else.....I don't know where. And since I know some of you have served, would be pissed as I am about this guy. My dad served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. All of my relatives served and a bunch of them were in the thick of fighting for extended periods and never got the recognition this guy received! This guy would get a medal if he farted and burned his nut hairs!

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Actually he isn't genuine. Stolen Valor has tried to get him prosecuted but he is so well insulated by rich politicians and CEO'S the FBI has refused. I did the research and tracked it all from US Army records and his Education Credits. It is all made up and totally bogus. If you do not believe me go do the research. I even had a friend of mine Chuck Carlock a chopper pilot who wrote Firebirds and he even said the guy is a fake. There is only one Army veteran during the Vietnam War in 1968 who received that many decorations and 7 purple hearts and every bit of his so well documented with ceremonies and the decoration certifications being given to him with photographs documenting every step of it all and that was Sgt. Randy McConnell. There was no such ceremonies for David Christian. Hey, go do the research like I did. Wiki is NOT research nor reliable credible information. The information on Wiki is sourced from David Christian. He wrote it in a third party narrative.

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As I tried to mention, that is not reliable because he submitted the nominations himself. He was the only officer on scene and he personally submitted the nominations for any decorations. They were not recommended by any higher authority nor were they signed by any Commanding Officer. You are not doing your research. The information about any of that came about after 1980. None of any of the Commanding Officers submitted it. And all of his claims of the 2 Silver Stars and DSC were in fact the same event. And the event that he supposed to have been platoon leader on October 29 1968 he was in a hospital. Over the last 40 years he continues to embellish or out right lie about events. In a few minutes I will post an issue to show you what I mean.

Have you ever heard of Lt. Col Bo Gritz.....look at the amount of medals he claims to have earned. He has everything except the MOH. Not even close to being possible in his career.
BUT, pay attention to this part....
Gritz received an array of military awards, and most of these have been called into question. A memo regarding his awards and award recommendations during his time in Vietnam seems to indicate that Gritz was personally involved with the recommendation of most of his medals, including the Legion of Merit, and that some of his awards recommendations cited the same missions and incidents, effectively awarding Gritz multiple medals for the same missions, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit, Air Medal, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Army Commendation Medal.[8]
As time goes on there seems to be more and more medals added.
According to Bo Gritz claims of earning the DFC twice and the AIR MEDAL with Valor 24 times.....that is more than General Westmoreland earned in WW2, Korea and Vietnam combined.
Do you know what it takes to earn the Air Medal with Valor 24 times? Just to earn 1 requires 24 straight days of combat. That would mean he had 576 days of straight combat. Even Combat fighter pilots in Vietnam did not get that many Air Combat medals in a single tour. Combat pilots of WW2 received those kinds of numbers!
My friend WO. Chuck Carlock who wrote " Firebirds " was a chopper pilot in Vietnam and flew combat almost every single day during his tour and he did not get that many Air Medals and he flew in some serious hot LZ's.
Here is a photo of Bo Gritz
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Just like Bo Gritz and others this joker has gone out of his way to promote himself as a hero. He was working for the Department of Labor for Veterans Affairs in 1979 and was fired! The New York Times was writing an article about it all and a big hoopla started. Then the reporter investigating Christian lost his job and the issue was dropped like a hot rock. Many veterans have reported David Christian to the FBI and to Stolen Valor Organization as well as the Fake Warriors Project. Christian was smart and insulated himself from then on. Somehow he became the National Commander of the Legion of Valor that same year he was fired from his job. Here is what you guys do not understand about the being National Commander of the Legion of Valor. That is where all the documents for any and all soldiers who have earned the highest decorations of Valor are kept/ this is where the library for information is also kept. This is what information is released for public viewing. The Museum and its members with their DD certificates can be viewed and or......easy to submit fakes thru here.
Do you remember when the Stolen Valor act was made a criminal offense? Do you remember the tons of Senators, Congressmen, CEO's and many others were exposed for being outright fakes or they embellished their military service? Do you remember all the times fakers or questionable people got close to Presidents and the Secret Service were exposed not once but some 12 times for not following through investigating the backgrounds of people who got close to high ranking people?
A ton of famous people were exposed......now someone has crushed the prosecution of anymore high ranking people in Politics. Now when someone goes telling the Feds about someone high up its stopped dead in its tracks...unless it is some lowland thug posing as a wanna be soldier..then they will prosecute those poor schmucks. But high up on the food chain? NADA

Like I said, I am not the only person who has reported his fraud, in fact there have 100's of reports. If you do not believe me go ahead and write to Stolen Valor Organization yourself and they will tell you they have tried for years to push for investigations and prosecution of him.

David A. Christian lives the high life, travels the world all the time. His family dine with Royalty and go to the best schools. But it has been through his so called job as a Presidential adviser and veterans rights activism. But the money coming for it goes to his biz, his political cronies and his bank account.
I have the file of my fathers military activities WW2, Korea and Vietnam and it some 400 pages long with tons of military assignments with CO signatures signing off on it all.
David Christians is 5 pages long and very vague. None are signed by any senior military and they are not official DD material. Most is smeared out. His so called record of assignments are of only 3 combat activities in Vietnam but photographs during those times he is somewhere else with his wife or in some evac hospital, or in Japan.
As I said, you do the research then you will see that the timelines do not match his so called combat action that he was involved in.
He goes around telling so many stories of how he was a hero running into Napalm dragging out injured buddies. Another story he told to a newspaper that he was nominated for the MOH because he took out 6 enemy bunkers with 2 hand grenades and a knife all while being wounded and dragging his men to safety.
Another one just yesterday again telling about how his friend Medic James Scott died in his arms in the same action that he received his DSC. But the facts are totally different to the citation and to where the Medic Scott died. David Christian has changed the story so many times over the years. But here is a record of that date. Christian claims that the 7 man recon (OTHER TIMES HE SAYS 9 MAN RECON) were attacked and fighting for 4 hours and that he and 3 others were wounded sending them back with Medic Scott until reinforcements arrived then he went on alone and took out the enemy bunkers. When he returned to Medic Scott he died in his arms. David Christian was in the 93 evac hospital but he claims he was on that 7 man recon 10 miles northwest of Quan Loi base camp on the border of Cambodia in the what is called the fish hook area when this took place.

According to KIA action report of Medic James Scott he was killed instantly by small arms in Tay Ninh....on October 29th 1968 In Vietnam that is about 70 miles south east of where Christian claims they were located. If you have ever been to Vietnam that 70 miles difference might as well be from here to California because that is lot of jungle to cross on foot!

Now, here this story he claims....he claimed he was in Cambodia was attacked and wounded and his boots were blown off. He said he called his base via radio to send a helicopter to come rescue him because he had no boots and his feet were bleeding badly. Now, wait it gets better.....he then said, the base replied saying over the radio, "Now Chris you know we can not come fly into an area of Cambodia we are not supposed to be in so you will have to make it to the border before we can rescue you." He said he ran 8 miles thru the jungle barefoot being chased by the enemy back into Vietnam and was almost dead when he was rescued because he lost so much blood!" Tell me, that is a freaking laugh out bullshit.

If you do not believe me go read what he is saying on his facebook page, his so called book he wrote called Victor Six and he host of web sites telling his bs

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I have met a ton of genuine MOH and other Valor recipients and never did I see them ever say or behave, " hey come look at me I am a hero!, now get on your knees and worship me you pos!" Going by this jerk's standards then every Marine that landed on Iwo Jima should be wearing the MOH! Every Pilot that flew over Germany and every one who landed on Normandy or crawled thru the jungles of Borneo or survived the Bataan Death March to barely make it thru as a POW should be wearing the MOH or the Victorian Cross because that war was "THE MEASURING STICK" for what real heroes are made of!!! This man's behavior is irreprehensible and unbecoming of a genuine soldier. His BOASTING that he and his crew were called Christian's Butchers then getting a ring made to show that off makes me want to puke!

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This is one his direct quotes:

In Cambodia I was wounded very badly one time. My boots were blown off my feet, and I was bleeding severely. I called for assistance and said, “I’m trapped behind the enemy’s lines, and we need a chopper out here.” They said, “Look Chris, you’re in Cambodia, and we can’t afford to lose a chopper in neutral territory. You’re going to have to get out before we can give you assistance.” I had to run eight kilometers barefooted through the jungle to the border. I was bleeding the whole time, with the enemy after me. I got to the border and I was picked up and I passed out from loss of blood. Later, I called my wife Peggy from the hospital and said, “I’ve just been shot and it’s a minor wound and I’m going back.” She said, “Well, all right then, don’t get hurt.”

As soldiers, we operated by a strict code of honor. When I had firefights with the Vietcong, I respected them. They were brave and honorable enough to fight me. Once, I carried a wounded enemy soldier on my back for 12 kilometers so he could get help. The guy was petrified the whole time. He thought I was going to kill him. Another reason I kept returning was my fellow men. You become very attached and close to people who go through battle with you. I knew those guys and didn’t want anyone taking over my outfit and getting them killed. When I finally got out, I was scared.


I was 21 years old, a captain with a wife and a little girl and $8 in the bank. I went to Princeton, and Princeton was having moratorium days. I went up to Columbia, and they were blowing up the library right outside the university. I said, “This is nuts. I don’t want to fight another war, I just want to get back into the system. I just want to go to school.” I enrolled at Villanova, a nice, quiet campus, graduated in 19 months and went to Rutgers Law School for three years. Law school was a horrible experience. Right after I got in I was on the elevator one day, and this kid came up to me and said, “Jeez, did you meet the warmonger yet?” I said, “What warmonger, who’s that?” He said, “The guy that killed all those women and children and got a bunch of medals for it….a real creep.” I looked at him and said, “You’re talking about me, and I never killed any women or children. They brought Jane Fonda out to protest my being there. Some of my professors didn’t believe I could have 100 bullet holes in my body and still be alive, and they made me take my shirt off so they could see the scars. Students would tear the American flag down and throw it on the ground, and I’d pick it up and walk away quietly. Some things I believed in, and I wasn’t going to change.

( MORE BS- WHILE ATTENDING COLLEGE THEY BRING IN JANE FONDA TO PROTEST HIM???? SHE WAS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND IN 1970 NOT AT RUTGERS) ( CHRISTIAN CLAIMS HE HAD TO PROVE HIS SCARS TO EVERYONE THERE BY PULLING OFF HIS SHIRT) MORE BS---THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN DOCUMENTED IN THE NEWS!!!! NO SUCH EVENT TOOK PLACE WITH JANE FONDA PROTESTING DAVID CHRISTIAN BEING AT THE UNI) ( show me 100 bullet holes!!! ) Now remember that during all this time he also claimed to have spent 2 years straight in a hospital and was medically discharged from the army in 1970.Photograph-30.jpg This photo is when his hand is severely injured and he claims happened on the October 29, 1968 fight.


Here he is with his wife, they were married in August 19, 1968 do you notice his arm and hand is in a cast plus he is wearing the beret of JFK special warfare school patch on the beret. So this is sometime after October 29 1968.

7d7472f6-f383-4808-b3f9-41eb47f1e728-e1601067860784 24 th evac hospital.jpg He is at the 24 evac hospital with his hand in cast.

Here is a photo of Christian with his wife Peggy in 1969..... what do you notice in the picture and what is not in the photo.....Remember what I said about timelines? Remember he and his wife
were married on August 19,1968 and this photo was not taken in Vietnam. Since when did a person go back and forth from Vietnam during their tour of duty? Back then you had only 5 days R&R during your 12 month deployment. And those were usually done in Japan or Bangkok. It would have been impossible to go to the USA for an R R.

Think for a moment and lets say this is the day they were married (August 1968) why would he be wearing a Silver Star or Air medal, then all the Purple Hearts..Why? Because his claim is the Silver Stars and DSC events took place in September and October of 1968.

LON66346.jpg Here he wrote VIETNAM. David Christian was the "Youngest Most Decorated Officer" of the Viet Nam war seen here showing his war wounds to the Vietnamese. He was twice nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for 30 days under enemy fire. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for using a bayonet to knock out six enemy machine guns. He twice received the Silver Star for valor, and he received a Bronze Star. He was awarded the Air Medal for 25 combat assaults in "hot" landing zones - plus seven Purple Hearts. 1997.

Another claim he is making is that when he arrived in Vietnam in 1968 he served as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. But he was wounded in October 1968,in the hand then Jan 1969 by Napalm evac to Japan then to USA burn center. The 75th RANGER REGIMENT was formed in February 1969. David Christian was no longer in Vietnam at the time. According to his Military Assignment Record his last assignment was September 28 1968 then sent to the evac hospital and by January 1969 he was sent the hospital at Valley Forge PA.
His record states he arrived in Vietnam in June of 1968. If find more info or my reading these reports are in error I will edit it.
Hey, I am not making this us....I am reading it off of his Military Assignment Record
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I was finally able to enlarge his Record of Assignments to legible reading . This exactly what and how it is written!
He entered the Army at age 17 in 1966 and by August 1967 he was Commissioned an Officer ? By Military Law you have to spend a minimum of 3 years as a Sgt. before OCS. According to him he went thru all the EM ranks in 1 year then OCS. Then all the airborne classes etc.
I am writing this next section as it is written on his Record of Military Assignments what each row applies to, I am by passing the special military school stuff and which Military Bases he at because that is not important area. It is this whole next part is is important! I am putting it just like it is in his records. Pay attention to the dates and claims he has made. This document is his assignments. He was sent to Vietnam in June of 1968 and on Oct 29th 1968 he is in a hospital at base ZAMA in Japan. As you read his Assignment Record then read his claims of his medals they don't add up with the timelines. Just like his being there with Medic Scott, and his dying in his arms...not possible because Christian was in the hospital in Japan. Think back over all I said, he had not been in Vietnam long enough to have earned all those decorations as well as 7 purple hearts! Yes, he went to Vietnam but he was only there for 5 months total.

10 April 68 1542 (Unit Off USA IS ) USARV Trans. Det. APO SF 96375
(This is the Pacific Operations in San Franciso)
1 May 68 0001 Casual Enr. to USARPAC

11 Jun 68 71542 Plt. Ldr Co. F 52d Inf (LRR) 1st Inf Div USARPAC

2 Sept 68 0001 By Huang HHC 1st Bat 26th Inf Reg 1st Inf Div USARPAC

12 Sept 68 1542 Plt. Ldr Co B 1st Bat 26th Inf Reg 1st Inf Div USARPAC

28 Sept 68 1542 Plt. Ldr Cbt.Sup.Co1st Bat 26th Inf Reg 1st Inf.DivUSARPAC

29 Oct 68 0003 Patient MHD USA HO ZAMA (P3-OEKB=HD) APO96343
(Some who do not know Base Zama is in Japan)
12 Jan 69 0003 Patient MHCO(WOQ5HD) Valley Forge GH, PA. 19460

XXXXXXX ------ Patient USA Sep Trf Pt (WOQ501) VFGH P
3 July 70 ------ Ret Perm Disabl USA Sep Trf Pt (WOQ501) VFGH PA.
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“ By Military Law you have to spend a minimum of 3 years as a Sgt. before OCS.”

I never heard of such a thing. Stuff like that is always in an Army Regulation (AR), so you should be able to find it, if it exists. I was a PFC when I began OCS, and most of my classmates were E-4s. A few were E-5s, and maybe 1 E-6. I’ve read plenty of Vietnam era bios in which the soldier went to OCS soon after basic and AIT. Some people are just high speed.

As far as I remember, you had to have completed basic and AIT, have a certain asvab score (GT 110 or something like that), pass the officer candidate battery/test, and have the recommendation of your commander. There might have been an age requirement, like 19.5 or 20 years old, upon graduation.

Do a FOIA request and all your suspicions will be answered. They don’t just give away DSCs in crackerjack boxes. It’s usually awarded to someone who was put up for the Medal of Honor.

Oddly, he is wearing Infantry branch insignia in one pic and Armor branch insignia (with a CIB) in the other.
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“ By Military Law you have to spend a minimum of 3 years as a Sgt. before OCS.”

I never heard of such a thing. Stuff like that is always in an Army Regulation (AR), so you should be able to find it, if it exists. I was a PFC when I began OCS, and most of my classmates were E-4s. A few were E-5s, and maybe 1 E-6. I’ve read plenty of Vietnam era bios in which the soldier went to OCS soon after basic and AIT. Some people are just high speed.

As far as I remember, you had to have completed basic and AIT, have a certain asvab score (GT 110 or something like that), pass the officer candidate battery/test, and have the recommendation of your commander. There might have been an age requirement, like 19.5 or 20 years old, upon graduation.

Do a FOIA request and all your suspicions will be answered. They don’t just give away DSCs in crackerjack boxes. It’s usually awarded to someone who was put up for the Medal of Honor.

Oddly, he is wearing Infantry branch insignia in one pic and Armor branch insignia (with a CIB) in the other.

I agree, that is why I have been raising hell about this guy...he is a total fraud. He has scammed his way to the top of the pile. You read about his exploits. It is bogus but it makes him sound like a damn super Rambo!
Like i mentioned to the others here, he wrote up his medal recommendations the same as Bo Gritz did. All of the documents i saw that are the official military citations had to have been faked because there is no way this guy was in Vietnam long enough to receive so many decorations in a 5 month span. He arrived in June of 1968 left in September and was in hospital for 2 years he says for Napalm burns. How he got the burns i found no documents on how that came about. He said he ran into a burning bunker to rescue his men pulling them to safety while went in over and over. If that was true then where is the documentation. How did he earn 7 purple hearts in such a short span. If that was true at all he would have been on every magazine cover across the globe because there was a Sgt who earned 7 in 4 months but it was very well documented! There is no record of David Christians.

If you look at his photographs or any comments by him he goes out of his way to show off by wearing a chest full of medals. For some 25 years he went around like that no matter where. It was like hey people look at me i am a hero. According to David Christian he has

Distinguished Service Cross

Silver Star (2)with "V" Device
Bronze Star (2) with "V" Device
Purple Heart (7)
Air Medal (2) with"V" Device
Army Commendation Medal
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross (2) with Star and Palm

and a bunch more......all this in 5 month time period. Though he does not emphasis his length of time in country but he does imply that he earned the 3 top one with a few weeks period.

Also, he has a couple of Army buddies who sort of back's stories but David will introduce them as fellow heroes saying that those guys earned two or 3 silvers stars or Bronze Stars. I looked them up and their names are not on any list. So it is apparent they are stroking each other's nut sac!

Hey also, if you look at other claims by David Christian he claims to be of the 75th Ranger....funny since when they formed in Vietnam in February of 1969 David was already gone from Vietnam. I need to takes some pills my BP is thru the roof
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He claims he was nominated for the MOH but it was not legit.....he had some friends of his write letters to their congressman to get him nominated. But he goes around telling ppl he was nominated.
It is bs. If you go read his BS stories and check all the timelines it doesn't match. He was the person who wrote in the submission for his DSC etc.

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