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Help identifying USN bomber jacket


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I have been looking to find out more information on a bomber jacket that my grandfather gave me when I was a teenager. It’s my regret that I didn’t ask him more about it before he passed, but I was young...

It’s a brown leather bomber jacket.
Commar zipper
With 5B USN embroidered on the flap inside the zipper.
He did say that it was his navy jacket (hence the USN), but I would love to find out more of the history behind it. Thank you in advance!



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The jacket you have is known as a USN G-1 jacket issued to Navy aviation crews and pilots. They were made by various contractors and you can google G-1 Flight jacket to give you the contractors and timelines of those contracts. It’s not a rare jacket but it’s nice to own if you like to wear Flight jackets. If the jacket has a label inside the back of the jacket below the collar please post a photo of it. In the meantime please stop by the new members section and tell us about yourself .