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Help identifying aviakit jacket

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Lewis Leathers[edit]
It was not until 1960 that the company registered the name by which it soon became most commonly known, 'Lewis Leathers'.[2] This brand name was introduced on a new range of leather jackets aimed at the youth market and, in 1962, it aligned itself with the burgeoning 59 Club in London, Hackney Wick. As the Mods and Rockers clashed at English seaside resorts, Lewis Leather clothing was to be seen on both sides of the conflict.

Initially used as a Telegram address ("Aviakit Wesdo") in 1929, in 1930 the company introduced Aviakit (short for "aviation kit")[9][10] as the brand name for its aviation clothing, which it had already been selling from the first quarter of the century and acting as contractors to numerous governments around the world including the Netherlands, India, Belgium, South Africa and Greece. It went on to produce clothing for the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II including made to measure outfits for officers.[2] The product line was also to include boots, goggles, and crash helmets identical to those made by Everoak.[9]

Its garments were worn by Spitfire test pilot Sir Alex Henshaw and RAF fighter pilots during World War II.[11] The name still appears in Lewis Leathers jackets, boots, gloves and other products to this day.

Post-World War II[edit]

1960s Aviakit label
Following the end of hostilities, although handicapped by petrol rationing, D. Lewis started selling ex-RAF clothing to de-mobbed motorcyclists and then, in the early 1950s as rationing ended, started to develop more casual items into their ranges, expanding into shops in Sheffield, Birmingham and St Albans. By 1953, its advertising claims were that the company was already the largest motorcycle clothing and accessory company in the UK and abroad.[2][12]

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Put the jacket in the early 1960s and it special because its a big size which is unusual for the day men were smaller .


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This might help date the jacket The Lewis add prices the Bronx at just under £10

Levi 501s were £3 in 1963, Today the cost of 4 pairs of LVC just about buys a Proper leather jacket (Aero sale page):)
I came across one of my ads from 1969, my leather jackets were priced at "from £18", by then if I recall correctly Levis were around £5? Four pairs of 501s

This would date the ad to around 1961/62 (£2.50 for Levis or for those using old money £2/10/0)