Goodwear 1933 Werber


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He was 5'7", as most pursuit guys had to 'fit' in the cockpit. There were exceptions of course like R.T. Smith who was 6'4" ish, but then the P-40 was reasonably roomy. The tall guys were usually sent over to fly bombers.


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I am galled that J.C. could be so sanctimonious as to:

1. Believe grain could exist on an early A-2;

2. Dare not to consult with this forum beforehand and;

3. Not get our permission first to build his customer's jacket this way.

I won't even speculate as to how the man spends his free time when we are not being marginalized. :)


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My ELC 1729 is a size 46. The collar is noticeably shallower than the GW's, perhaps because it wasn't scaled up from the (presumably smallish) original.

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After two years of waiting, it finally here.

The jacket is made with Italian HH, super nice leather, lots grain, soft, correct thickness, I just love it. John used vintage snap on the jacket, and a retro hockless zipper, I have to say, the zipper is not very easy to use.

As for the fit, I gave John all my body measurements and let him do all the rest. The jacket is a bit longer than I like an A2 to be, but not too bad.

nice jacket and wonderful HH.
The grain looks like goatskin. The HH of my ELC Werber 33-1729 is too smooth without breakin-in