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Fact or Flattery? Do we want Fair Critisism?


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As a relative newcomer to the forum , i personally cant see what the problem is if someone wants to promote a product they manufacture /sell ? how many times has someone posted a link and you take a look and HEY PRESTO !! you get the e.g " ive just found what ive been after for ages on that site " we all post links to other sites that are purely for financial gain , whether its a full blown website or auction sites .
It soon becomes apparent to newbies that there are so many "knowledgeable " members on here , and its surely upto the individual as to who he/she listens and takes heed to ? its a democratic world ,free speech and such like .
Yes , there are members who are quite blunt in their approach when scrutinising other peoples work and others who are more forgiving . In the end its how one person sees the finished article , we all see the good and bad in people just the same with jackets .Obviously no one likes to hear criticism over somthing they have produced when they have poured money and man hours blood sweat and tears into it . Its only human to fight back against any "threat" .
Some might want to stand back and just be a little more thoughtful when giving "critique" , it is hard to "write" emotion ,as someone else pointed out , you cant type your tone of voice . Somtimes a "smiley :)" or "sad :(" emoticon works , just gives a bit of an idea to the reader in which context you are speaking in . :)


Officer Dibley

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I think what you can and cannot say or advertise or hold an opinion here without criticism is very much dependent on whether you are liked by certain people or not. Or are sycophantic enough.
Some folk have been labelled as "enfants terrible" and they will forever be such.
It was the same back in '06 but the Original forum was never like that.

I don't try to upset people but if folk do get upset by me, they do need to get a grip. I know i am blunt and thick skinned (sometimes .......) but why can i not say what i think freely ?

Especially if you ask for an opinion, expect a variety, some of which you may not like. Hence i don't do fit pics. I don't care what people think of my appearance. Some seem to get a real buzz showing themselves and their wares off. Good luck to them but if i said you look daft, get over it. "Ain't nothing but a 'ting" :D

Greg Gale

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I think fit pics are important, because we cannot try these jackets on before buying. If I see a guy my height/ weight wear a jacket that's a huge help in deciding what size to go for. But this is OT, just reflecting on what you said, OD.

As for the original topic: Ken, you certainly have an unbelievable knowledge about these jackets, and I'm happy to have you around so that I can learn something new from you. You can even go ahead and bash other makers, it's always good to hear pro-s and con-s, I don't mind. However, please keep in mind that the way you do it can affect your business too. It's simple PR. How you behave here is associated with Aero Leather and its products. Just like you can say anything about other makers' jackets, people are entitled to take it in whatever way they feel. Some will like the way you state your point, some won't, and I imagine it can scare off some potential customers. You are building/ shaping your brand image every time you post here but I'm sure you're aware of this.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Agreed Greg, I do get your point but I'm hardly in Platon or Stu's league and I will say in my defence that I doubt if you can find an aggressive post of mine, yes I say it as I see it but the agression usually comes from someone upset by a cricism, and if I've been critical it's only because I genuinely believed there's been something to be critical about, and others have missed it or failed to comment
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Dr H

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I doubt if you can find an aggressive post of mine
We’re going to have to differ here, Ken. I’m posting much less here these days, partly due to the change in the general atmosphere, and so I’m not going to bother debating this whatever the general feeling.

I tend not to get especially sensitive over most things (and certainly not over posts on here), but I’m still extremely pissed off about your unwarranted and personally offensive comment in this post.


Aggressive? Probably not. Passive/aggressive? You decide, but several of my Polish friends were taken aback to read it; I was speechless, which takes a lot.

I have/have had a number of good friends and colleagues who are Poles, including a couple of stoic female academics, sadly no longer with us, who suffered horribly as children under the Nazis in their horrific camps.

Is it acceptable on this forum to trivialise an image like this in order to make some facile point about a customer considering whether to buy another manufacturer’s jacket?

Is it acceptable to compare the prospective customer to the perpetrators of the ghettoes and the death camps for considering whether to buy another manufacturer’s jacket?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then I’m done, as it’s not a place that I want to frequent as I once did.

To answer your question about what’s wrong about the Fedora Lounge/Hat Place/Aero Central? Much the same. Too much tribalism. I’ve had plenty of experience with Major Major and his ilk throwing their weight around, along with personal abuse, if The Product was criticised. If it’s becoming more the norm here for manufacturers to diss one another’s products (in order to promote their own) then all of the criticism of Platon and Falzon (and the banning) rings pretty hollow...


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Have to say I completely missed the concentration camp picture posted by Ken @ Aero Leather.
Very poor taste indeed and I would call it aggressive.

Greg Gale

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Ken, you have to give Dr H that you can get a bit carried away when defending your view - regardless whether or not you're right. To illustrate this, I created a VLJ version of an old meme, I hope you'll take it with some sense of humor, and see what some of us mean. If you find it offensive, let me know, I'll take it down right away ;)


Ken at Aero Leather

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Yes Dr H

the photo was crass, I admit................... but where did I say anything derogatory about Poles? In fact where did I mention them at all?
I have several close relatives who are Polish, including a now deceased and much loved Polish Uncle who flew in WW2, his family are still close to me.
Please respond

Ken at Aero Leather

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On reflection, it's not the countries of origin I have a problem with, it's the smoke and mirrors used by some retailers to avoid the uncomfortable truth