Enola Gay jacket

Greg Gale

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I found this photo on Facebook posted by Mr. John Slemp. I thought it would be of interest here. He writes:

The size 34(!) A-2 jacket of SSGT. George B. Caron, the tail gunner on the Enola Gay when it dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. He was the first man to see the destructive effects of the bomb, and took the famous photograph of the rising mushroom cloud. The jacket is courtesy of Judge Jim Osborne in Vincennes, Indiana, and the photographs are courtesy of LTC. (Ret.) Jack Angolia of Leawood, Kansas.


Looks like a Dubow to me?


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Yep, I zoomed in and could see 27798 on the label.

Interestingly, it looks a bit like goatskin, what with the pebbly quality to the leather. I seem to recall some 27798s were goat? Beautifully aged jacket and an important piece of history either way!
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Thanks for posting that one Greg. Got to be one of the best looking goat A-2's I've seen. Might have to consider adding a goat A-2 to my collection, though breaking it in like that might be tough. Fascinating piece of history too.