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Some might remember I recently purchased this jacket from Dom Sale post etc After it arrived I replaced the cuffs and waistband with ones that were an excellent match with some I had earlier from Larry on ebay

It fits my middle-age figure well so as the weather was cool i made it my go to daily wearer when jobbing about outside. I soon found out that the finish picked up scratches and scuffs really easily - rather too easily. It soon became clear that my kind of wear going to present something of a problem for this jacket ....so I decided to refinish with a harder wearing pre aged finish....

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Nice work. :)
I suppose the grain must have been there to be bought out by your process. Earlier ELC had zero grain. No matter what you did !
Aye, the grain was there but hidden somewhat by the finish, I raised it here and there to give it some character, with the original finish thinned or removed it's relatively easy to get it damped down and worked on. I don't think the jacket is that early......