Country you live in , please !!


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I was lucky enough to visit Pesaro and stay there en route to a round of the world superbikes about 20 yrs ago . You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world !, greetings from Manchester.
Glad reading this. I am from Senigallia (not far), but I have been working and living in Pesaro for a while, 12 years now. The strong point of this area is having the sea, the hills and the mountains all at few kilometers from each other.

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It's just a temporary settlement. Everyone is leaving because of pollution and disease. Soon the ruins will be underwater.

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From Edinburgh (or to be specific, Leith) Scotland but have been hiding out in Ballarat in the Victorian Goldfields, Australia for the last 10 years.


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That- should be on a number plate
Ebbs and flows now. SA has the lead. We have less active cases than QLD now! After all those expat QLDers from Adelaide flew to Suncorp for the Origin decider QLD will kick off now... I will never go back to work! ;)

Hope all is well your end mate!


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