Cooper A-2 identification and repair


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I picked up a cooper A-2 style jacket recently and I am curious about a few things. Mostly approximately when it was made and if was civilian or military. It has a different liner then I have seen in my research. Take a look at the attached pictures and tell me what you think! The bottom fabric is stretched out and tired. Does anyone know any good tricks to tighten this back up?



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Nice jacket. Based on the lining and the factory-original handwarmer pockets it's not government issued. As for dating it I would guess late 90s to early 00s but others would know better. I don't know any remedy for stretched knits aside from replacement; you might try hot water to shrink them but if they're synthetic that's unlikely to work.


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Awesome, thanks guys! I figured this jacket was from the 90's. I might try to shrink up the knits with a small Iron or hot water to see if it helps. I may consider replacement if that doesn't work. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this jacket yet, I have another that is in better shape. I might try to paint some nose art on the back or something. It's something I have considered doing for awhile now, maybe I will just fix it up and wear the hell out of it. If I was going to replace the knits is there anywhere I can get some new ones? or should I take it to a tailor to be done?


Looks like an active duty Cooper, probably from that first batch in the late eighties. (Original label and holes from nametape and MAJCOM velcro.) Has it got additional pockets and pen holders on the inside in addition to the chit? Also possible G-1 style gussets sewn into the armpits? If so on either, then it's been modified by Pop's Leather in Turkey for the original pilot who was either assigned to Incirlik AFB in Adana, or was TDY there for Northern Watch.