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Cockpit Horsehide A-2 Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers tribute jacket


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Hello all,
I took this jacket off Greg's hands a while back, as a knock around (helping to offset his awesome ELC Star no doubt).
I liked it so much, I decided to spruce it up a bit. Replaced the knits, lining and added an authentic-as-possible leather AVG Blood Chit.
And this is the result: A tribute to Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers A-2 jacket, from the 1980's 'Tales of the Golden Monkey' TV series!
Cockpit HH A-2 7.jpg

Tales of the Gold Monkey.jpg

This is not meant to be representative of any specific A-2 contract or AVG jacket... its a nostaglic-throwback to a show that I loved as a kid.
That 'show jacket' was clearly a common 80s repro, (Avirex?) not super 'authentic', had hand-warmer pockets etc... Looked the part though!
Am pretty sure there must have been a wardrobe of them...
Cockpit HH A-2 1.JPG

This Cockpit WW2 Gov issue A-2 however, is a decent quality darker seal horsehide jacket, with all the 'proper' bits and pieces....
Relatively well-made and solid.
Its not patterned off any particular 'original maker' contract, its more representative of a generic A-2 made to WW2 spec.
Has a collar stand and also some mismatched hides, which is pretty cool for this jacket. Scovill zipper. Small pockets.
Greg put some good wear into it before it came to me, so it has a lot of character and pesonality....
Sizing is... a bit... weird. This is a 36L and I normally wear a 40L. Anyway... Its comfy enough and easy to wear.
Horsehide is a little bit thicker than any ELC jacket I have had, but not by much. Good stitching.
Cockpit HH A-2 2.jpg

Jacket - Cockpit WW2 Government Issue A-2, Mahogany Horsehide, size 36 Long (I am 5'10+, 39"-40" chest, 72+kg).
Blood Chit - Top quality leather chit, handmade and hand-painted by Sean Collins.
Cockpit HH A-2 4.jpg

Knits are authentic replacement seal brown knits from Larry at Flightjacketknits.
Byson here in the UK replaced the knit (not the best job mind you) and lining (which is more 'orange' than the original lining, but its fine), and also sewed on the Blood Chit (olive drab threat as requested). OK work (not jumping up and down)... not cheap, nor quick, as it turns out...
Cockpit HH A-2 5.jpg

Cockpit makes a nice jacket. These are not cheap mind you, and not 'original-maker' authentic... but all the details are there, strong, comfortable and well put together nevertheless... Love it for what it is.
Cockpit HH A-2 8.jpg

ps Apologies for the poor fit pics, indoor phone camera... Too warm to take it out and do some proper ones. Promise to do so when it cools down.


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I got one of these (unpatched, Hershey bar brown) a decade plus ago. I gave it a good hot wash/dry; it shrank to fit me and developed nice grain.

Details are "meh" - the false collar stand is just a line of stitches - and close spaced pockets (why? there are no handwarmers).

Here I am in it when new. I've "grown" a bit since, but it still looks good and feels comfortable.
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Yes, this one, the Government issue WW2 jacket doesn't have hand warmers, but you are right about the faux-collar stand... why do it, just leave it off.
That said, theres also a very silly leather hanger that sits up on the back on the neck... another weird element.

This is another one of those... "You have all the bits and pieces, the production line, the hide etc... why not find an original jacket, copy the pattern and details... and make a Cockpit 'original maker' WW2 A-2 jacket! I mean Cockpits been around for a very long time, they MUST have originals in their inventory. These are currently going for $700 in the US... Just use an original contract pattern and label, some small tweaks and wallah! $700 for an original maker horsehide A-2.

Anyway, the jacket fits well, looks good and I love it.


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Good grief "Tales of the Gold Monkey", now there's a blast from my childhood! I used to love that programme all those many moons ago when I was a nipper.

Greg Gale

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That turned out to be a rather successful project, I love the outcome. To me it looks exactly like the movie jacket, well done. The blood chit is a fantastic work too. The jacket fits you better than it used to fit me. I had too much tunneling, but you've got slightly longer arms. Now I've got to go and see this movie :)


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Thanks Greg. Yes, really love it... but that lining is 'nasty' ;)
Its a TV series... light fun, silly at times, but was unmissable back in the day.


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Nice work Brett, looking good on ya, only thing missin, is a dog called Jack with one eye:rolleyes:

I actually bought the series on DVD a few years ago and watched it over a few months. That show brought back some childhood memories


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I wonder what happened to the original Hollywood jacket.
Probably in someone's movie memorabilia collection.