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Cockpit B-10. Anyone get one??


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a friend of mine pointed these out to me. I never knew they made them,’to be honest.

Anyone seen one in captivity??


Looks like a modern YKK zipper on it. At least the hanger is on the correct place not like the bronsons or "dongs"


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Yes, saw these a while ago. Would be keen to see some fit pics.
But for me here in the UK, at that price, plus postage, import duties and taxes, its not worth it. Rather get another ELC, or a Bob Dong/ Bronson.


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The Bronson / Bob Dong B-10's are WAY more accurate in authentic-type features than the Cockpit. Just look at the specs:

• Crafted from military spec cotton/nylon (Bronson & BD uses 100% cotton)
• Lined with a poly-acrylic blend (Both Bronson & BD sport a predominately genuine wool blend in comparison. 70-90% wool)
• Sleeves lined with a poly-Primaloft blend (Bronson & BD use the same wool blend as above)
• Mouton fur collar in the lighter 1944 color
• 1944 Army Air Force Wing and Star outline on the left shoulder
• Side entry pockets (Hand-warmers anyone? )
• Two front patch button pockets
• Two inside snap close pockets (Bronson & BD have the same single pocket found on originals)
• Knit cuffs and waistband (Not sure what Cockpit is using, but Bronson & BD are using wool blends now AFAIK)
• This is a regular fit jacket
• Available in WWII olive
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Hmm....didn't notice that it had hand warmer pockets.

Thing is, if you're not too worried about details, it seems the way to go, and it's way easier to get a Cockpit in 48 or bigger.

It's hard to get a big Dong. ;)