Care/Preservation of WW2 Bomber Jacket

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whoa, that white stuff my very well be old dried and overly applied saddle soap. the white in the fissures is very indicative of this.go to the path of least resistance. using a Terry type cloth, get some warm water on it. squeeze the excess out, and try gently rubbing an area with the white stuff on it. you can apply a little pressure, but don't go gonzo on it.


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All of the above plus a soft bristle brush worked in a circular motion is perfect for getting into the grain. You may find the white is crystallised waxes or other stuff from a leather treatment in the past. Very gentle heat and a brush might shift it.

Repeat, gentle heat.


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... If you want to have the jacket restored we have a few outstanding members here who can restore your jacket back to wearable condition and replace all damaged parts and put new WWII repro rust knits on it for you ...
Can you give us a few names? I'm in the same boat; an original Dubow that I was finally reunited with after 20 years or so that I'd like to have restored.


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On this forum Steve Sellers @Steve S may be able to help you although I think he mostly does USN jackets . The same with Dave Sheeley @Maverickson on this forum .
Ken @Aero Leather .... Company in Scotland might consider helping you out as well. He’s on this forum . I’ve never used Dena but I hear she good as well.
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