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Californian Leather Jacket


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Hey guys!
I'm new here, I live in San Diego and I just bought this jacket at a garage sale, I'm not sure if it's vintage but looks like and I searched about it on google I but couldn't find more informations about it. I would like to know if someone here could help me find out more about this jacket. Thanks



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G'day and Welcome! San Diego, lovely city indeed.

Jacket is well made. Colored zipper has me scratching my head. No other tags in the pocket?

Thomas Koehle

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San Diego is awesome - been there a couple of times on the way from Tijuana to the US and all 3 times stayed a couple of days.

Welcome on the forum.


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Hi Chima, welcome to the forum. I agree with Technonut2112, it has the style of mid to late 70's. Very nice jacket.



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The jagged edge on the leather backing to the Californian tag has 70s/80s all over it. This was the default for anything in craft back then. Those wacky scissors!