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Boots / shoes to wear with your flight jacket s...


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Whites c350 cruisers. Natural doubleshot


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Makes sense. I'm an 11 on the Brannock and my Lofgren sneakers and a pair of his combat boots (I tried on at Franklin & Poe) fit in a 10


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Most military boots were made just a bit oversized …. Reason being is that your feet were going to be in them for long periods of time and the extra room was to allow for swelling of the feet on marches and maneuvers when you’d be moving for long periods and on your feet a lot .


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These are my "it's bloody cold at 6am to walk the damned dog"/winter motorbike boots......
Built like a brick outhouse and are lined in a fantastic wool felt.
The leather is going to take ages to bed into my footshape, the buckles help me get the perfect fit and the stormwelt has a layer of rubber painted over the top to keep seepage at bay


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Anyone else here got any “jungle boots” that they wear out and about
Managed to find some Panama soled ones, issued apparently to a UK soldier in 1974 when he was training with the US military, will post up some pics later but be interested in seeing some images if anyone else has them