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BOB DONG new deck jacket

Thomas Koehle

Well-Known Member
Just pulled the trigger on one new deck-hook jacket of BD

they had them already in their portfolio a few years ago but that more realistic greyish-blue Version was just not available in my size

back then i got the more bluish one which is nice but just too blue

available with stencils or without - my chinese pal already received it now i just wait for someone from China to drop it here in Germany

that's the Version i got a couple of years ago:

after some stencilling and 2 turns in the washing-machine

this is what is to come - don't mind the ridiculous color-variants

for the Color the only match with my original NOS bibs is the darkish-almost black Grey-blue whatsoever - will look awesome after some wear 'n washes

comparison of NOS bibs with a BOB DONG N1 outta my collection