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ATF Summer M-41 Opinions


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Hi All,

I'm looking at pulling the trigger on an At The Front Summer M-41. Do any of you have any experience of them particularly the sizing and shrinkage?


Clark J

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I had 2 Steve and as for fit the $69 dollar one has a good spread on the sizing and fit as they should for the size ,, ie correctly sized. Never washed one so I can give you any info on that. Nice jacket anyway ! Clark.


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If you are a size 42 or 44, their standard M41 field jacket is currently on sale. The wool lining isn't very thick or heavy in this jacket.
I have not owned one of the 'summer' M41 jackets but I think the shrinkage on those would be about the same as in the standard ones, which is about 1 to 1.5" for the one I washed (mine was a long). Ironing it brought some of the length back.


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I have not handled the ATF summer weight M-41, but have had a number of similar originals. What I mean by "originals", is while I don't believe there ever really was a summer M-41, that style jacket lived on in several versions into the 1960's.

The post WW II to the 1950's versions are most like the WW II M-41. They were private purchase, and most often worn by officers. I have one from the Korean War era that has a zip out wool lining, and without that in, it is more of a light windbreaker. The material for many of these is not the plain cotton that is used in the WW II M-41...it is fancier and often has a slightly higher degree of water repellency...they don't tend to fade as much either.

That said, I agree with Foster that the M-41 wool lining is not thick, and given the current ATF sale and the English climate, I would go for one of those.


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If you're ordering an ATF M-41 keep in mind they run big. I take a 42 in most jac, but their sz 40 M-41 fits perfect.
ATF makes a nice 41 jacket.

I have worn one of their lined jackets but haven't tried their unlined jacket but I wouldn't hesitate

I have found ATF tends to run large so if you want a more "tailored" fit you might want to drop down a size

Tom Bowers
I've got an ATF summer M-41, and I love it! It's a great warm-weather jacket.


Alas, I haven't worn it enough to wash it, so I can't speak to that question. And as far as sizing, their XL (I'd previously gotten one of their tankers in an XL) is pretty good for me... though I had to have the sleeves shortened. (That's typical: I'm 5'8", 2oo-205lbs., typically a 48 jacket, but I've got a 42-44 waist. XLs are often too big in the chest/shoulders and/or too long in the arms for me. Sizing is all about fitting around my wide gut!)