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AN6505 -1


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If only the response had been concerning the thread subject..... someone run out of Preparation H methinks :D Though not for me to criticise someone for terse comms as often guilty myself !

Carl, i asked on a different thread what the internal pockets would have been meant to carry and not a single expert piped up. In fact one person said "for stuff" as if the AF would design specific and differently sized pockets with no idea what they would carry. Why put them in then ?

I've never seen a dated one either.
I have yet to find out exactly what the pockets were designed for Dave !
I Probably should try and fathom it out as i think i have enough of the gear that the guys had originally .


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My best guess would be they were just... pockets! To stuff smaller items and not get them lost in the bag, nothing specific.

My SOF one is on the way, hope to have it on time for La Ferté Airshow!