A2 wallet


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These caught my eye from a Japanese company named shin leathers, the attention to detail is awesome and craftsmanship top notch and their price reflects that being £225 from what I can translate. They appear to offer them in veg tanned and chromed even custom orders apparently, the last pic is one after 5 years ....nice one Art


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I’d really like a wallet like this, but they all seem to be either cheapo crap (Ebay), or incredibly expensive. Many, surprisingly, have loads of card slots and things but nowhere for your change or ID cards, which I use frequently. My best bet seems to be a Pike Brothers Roamer wallet, but even they are over £100. One of these days!

Ken at Aero Leather

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That's stunning..................coincidentaly we've been working on a wallet this week to use up some of our scraps.
I think we are going to have bin everything we've done so far and give up ..........................or seriously raise our game.:mad:


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I like them except for the ‘collar’, which is a bit silly, and, as noted, would be a pain in the arse (literally!) in use.


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Wallets are quite a personal thing I think.

Not a fan of the one above, sorry Art.

I like my KC’s leather wallet I got from Japan some years ago.


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Except for the collar, I really like it! I'm not ready to switch my Rumble59 wallet, though. It's cheap, sturdy, and the leather is aging quite nicely.


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Nice, but not at that price. I think I would struggle to fit it into a lot of pockets with that shape. Eastman made an aviators wallet a few years back, don't know if they still do.
Not stashed a wallet in my hip pocket since someone tried to lift it in the Champs D' Elysse, boy they had a surprise when all they got was a Paris Street Atlas.


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An experience I had relates to this thread. Many years ago some friends and I were at "Fat Tuesday" in downtown Seattle in Pioneer Square. A band was playing and it was as crowded as a mosh pit. I'm wearing a G-1 type jacket and my wallet is in the inside pocket with the button snapped shut.

A guy walks up behind me and runs his hand up my right back pocket trying to flip out a wallet that is not there. As he walks through the crowd in front of me, I yell out "hey, my wallet is in the inside pocket of my jacket!". His partner is behind me looking on the ground for the missing wallet (lol). As you can see, thieves sometimes work in pairs. First one flips, second one picks up the prize.


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This thread reminds me of the Eastman leather wallet, which I had long forgotten, and which I like a whole lot better then the Japanese A-2 wallet, sorry, that one's just way over the top. Nice as a "we can make this too", but I wouldn't wanna have it in my pocket.
But now I do want an Eastman wallet, and they've got a whole range I noticed.