A2 - 3rd time lucky? Yes its an A2 fit question.


Hi Guys,

I just want to get your expert opinions on the fit of the jacket. I have had several A2s and unfortunately had fit issues with all. With this latest jacket it is an Eastman Leather jacket (size 44L) that has a made-up contract number. From what I can tell it is the same one that Tommy Lee Jones had in space cowboys.

So on to my questions.

1) Were droopy shoulder A2 jackets actually issued or is this jacket a modern interpretation?

2) Should I pass on this and go for the tighter shoulder (like on almost all other jackets I have) or do you guys think this fit looks good?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.



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Jacket fit was all over the place with the different contracts, and this was even more the case during war time. That looks like a good fit to me.


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As Jan says, WWII fit and appearance was all over the place....

I think the overall fit looks good, how does it feel? Comfy?
Lengths look good to me.

I also dislike the 'shoulder droop'... One of reasons I went through so many ELCs a few years back... This is a quirk of this pattern.
Common issue with ELC's House, Pearl harbour and earlier Roughwear contracts (not so much an issue since they updated their patterns a few years back), but again, depends on who's wearing one and what size.

Is this a secondhand jacket, or a new one?

You have to be careful, this jacket looks like its a good fit, but if you pass due to the apparent droopy shoulders, then what do you do.


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Hi Rob
It tough to see because your photos are dark . But from what I can see the shoulder seams are coming over your shoulders by a couple of inches on one side . So I suggest you zip the jacket up and go into a brighter light and have someone take a couple of photos , because from what I can see it looks a bit large in your shoulders .
Please remember this is just one persons opinion so don’t get to concerned over it because all of the other guys are right about wartime fit being all over the place.


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Fit is fine. Trust me. You don’t want an uncomfortable fit just to see perfect 90 degree bend at the shoulder/arm. That fit looks comfy to me.


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One of the good things about this forum is that we don’t always agree with each other but when that happens we aren’t offended and we simply agree to disagree. With that thought in mind I’m going to respectfully disagree with most of my colleagues in this thread and give you one persons opinion .
The good thing is that you know that we actually want to give you our best responses based on the limited amount of knowledge that we have on these issues . Myself included in that statement . So here’s whyI still say that I think the jacket looks a bit big on you in the shoulders . I’ve taken your photos and have expanded them and lightened them up a bit so that everyone can now see exactly where the shoulder seams sit on your shoulders They overlap your shoulders a good 2 to 3 inches on both sides of your shoulders . You have your arm up holding your phone and your arms are wrinkling up but your knits are still tunneling , a bit long there as well.
In my opinion that’s not the way an A2 jacket is supposed to fit . So that’s all I can tell you,
just my opinion.
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The 44L has a good length for you. If you are going for an off the rack you will need to go on chest measurement.

Unless you go for a bespoke reproduction you will have to compromise. How tight is the chest/waist? If there is room there you might want to go to a 42L or a 42 with the right sleeve length. Again... a compromise.


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Sleeves and length look fine. Like I said. I think it looks fine. If you were going for the WWII fit you got that because they were all over the place.
if you want a more boxy fit you may have to do like couchy said and go with the chest and shoulder measurements more but it will feel more restrictive as a result and you might be limited to wearing just over a t shirt. The more you wear it will form up a bit to.

As you can tell, our opinions seem to be all over the place with this one so at the end of the day, do you like it? If not, sell and roll the dice again.
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More have it than not. The jackets fine. Looks good on him. If I had listened to every opinion out there I would never have kept my ELC monarch. I decided I liked it and to hell with what everyone else thought. Sorry to be so blunt with that and no offense meant towards anyone with differing opinions.


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No offense taken . He asked for opinions and that’s what he got. Its a fact of life that not everyone will agree with each other, nor will everyone’s opinions be the same . Like you Jeremiah, he’s free to accept or reject any or all opinions. Lastly, a lot of the forum is geared toward people’s opinions. The important thing is that we offer our advise in a good hearted way and we respect other opinions that differ from ours .
And that’s my opinion:)


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There’s nothing meant to be offensive there J.
I was simply trying to say that we can all offer our opinions and he can pick and choose those he feels are to his liking or that are pertinent.
I used your own example as the basis of what I was trying to say . No offense was intended.
The same as I explained to you at the opening of my post , that I was not offended when you explained that you decided to keep your Monarch and to hell with everyone’s opinion. There was no offense meant by you, nor was I offended by your statements, even though as you look back up the thread my opinion was the only one that differed from the other opinions . I didn’t find anything you said to be
offensive and I respect your opinion. I certainly didn’t say anything that was meant or intended to take a shot at you, so no need to feel offended.
I hope that you’ll find this explanation satisfactory and that we’re good .
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Fit and appearance of fit is so subjective.
Two of the most important questions at the end of the day:
1. Is it comfortable to you? (If it fits well and you feel good wearing it, you'll wear it).
2. Are you ok with the perceptual 'shoulders droop', which imo is apparent, but not necessarily a deal-breaker? (If the shoulders dropping off slightly bothers you, it may annoy you to no end even thought the jacket fits well, and you'll not wear it, then its better to pass on it. Or you'll get over it and not care, because the jacket fits well... This is your call)

For me personally, I sold off a number of jackets because of this, but this is me. I was so set on a particular contract/ pattern that I went through a number of variations of it.
40, 42, 40 L, 40 XL etc... Trying to get a particular pattern to fit the way I perceived it should fit on my frame. Trying a different contract helped.
And then a few years later, patterns were updated, and this 'shoulder droop' thing seemed to disappear for the most part.

And just for fun... Some would say there's a bit of shoulder droop here... But hell, does anyone care!


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If the jacket is period accurate then that is a bonus.
Period fit accurate is wearing a jacket and piloting a warbird.

I think WWII pilots didn't spend their time changing jackets like we do here.
"Hey, Quartermaster, you would get a Monarch in exchange for my RW. Because I think he would look better on me.
Unless another RW contract fits me well."


More seriously, I think this jacket looks good on you.

If the shoulders bother you, you have to turn to a contract with the shoulders more narrow, or do bespoke
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