A Request for the G-1 ID Wizards


Hey VLJ wizards! I've had a blast reading around the forum, learning quite a bit about history, and all about the venerable G-1. Eastman is in my sights, but in the interim, I needed a flying jacket that I won't feel bad about beating up, stuffing into my pubs bag and putting my tags onto.

So, I did what any responsible community member would do and got a few beers deep one night and pulled the trigger on an old jacket that was cheap and that I liked the look of.

Funny thing is, the thing actually fits better than my issued one ever did, so, just about the best outcome for me.

Question is, what did I buy? I've referenced it against just about everything in the G-1 thread but I don't have the eye ya'll do.

If you can tell me, I'll mail you a cool patch or something out of my collection.

You can also take this opportunity to tell me that I'm a complete moron for buying this thing, I promise I have thick skin.

Here you go!


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7823E - not sure on the contract, but by that point all G-1 contracts were using the same pattern anyway, so one is about the same as another. It's not made of goatskin, but it's a nice original. Enjoy!


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Interestingly, it LOOKS like it's got a real fur collar, instead of the dynel we normally see in the 7823E series. I wonder if the collar got upgraded at some point? Or I'm just wrong and it's a dynel collar that's a little bit more brown than we normally see.


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FWIW, the white label 1st appeared on the 7823E jackets. Allwere made to the specs which specified cowhide and Dynel.

The biggest difference, other than the Dynel collar, between my &823D with mouton and goat skin and my 7823E is the cowhide on mine is thicker/heavier than the goat skin on my 7823D. It wears quite well and looks good. I'm not nearly enough of an expert to identify the maker. To me they're pretty much homogenous.