A-1 jacket patches


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Search up the U.S. Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. It will tell you what AAC units were active in the late 20s/early 30s era when the A-1 was produced and issued.

Some great squadron insignia that come to mind from those days are the 6th Pursuit (death's head and spinning prop on a gold disc), 9th Bomb ("IX" in searchlight beams on a grey disc), 11th Bomb (Jiggs carrying a bomb, on a white disc), 77th Pursuit (4 sevens and the ace of spades), 13th Attack (Grim Reaper on blue surround), 49th Bomb (drooling wolf's head on orange disc), 12th Observation (eagle carrying bomb on orange disc), Materiel Command, Wright Field (black spearhead lettered WRIGHT, gold outline), and AAC HQ, Bolling Field (Capitol dome on blue disc).
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