83rd Bombardment Squadron Patch - 12th Bombardment Group B-25

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    This patch was sold on Ebay on Jan 30, 2018. My usual search somehow did catch it but I did not see it and was not able to bid or watch the bidding on this 83rd Bombardment Patch.


    On the back of the patch there is a stamping in which you can read the first word "SAMSUDDIN". I cannot make out the rest of the words on the stamping below.

    I do remember seeing this at least one other time on a patch.

    Does anyone have any information on this stamp? Obviously an East Indian name which would make sense as the 12BG operated in India at the end of the war.

    Interested to see if anyone else has seen this stamp, or has a patch with that same name stamped on it.

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    I believe it was a tailor shop in Karachi, India (now Pakistan). I'll see if I can find an image with a readable stamp on the back.
  3. Batmobile66

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    Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated !

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