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newest acquisition... RAF Mk3 Aircrew Jacket


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I don’t know how it is on the later “gray” versions, but on my green one the specifications of this scarf were even indicated on a label

Thomas Koehle

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Hello Thomas!

thank you for the compliment!
this jacket is my motivation now to continue with my weekly workout routines as it is a really trim fit and I would love to keep it a bit longer...

on a sidenote, I have seen that you got the G-1 I was viewing on the bay :)
how is it? I liked the patches on it very much.
when I saw it was gone I thought that it might have been someone I know...
I dowsed my grief with a hopefully nice BR Tank Jacket I found on Kleinanzeigen which should be arriving on Friday hopefully...

Hey Phil,

the jacket did not arrive yet but i'm expecting it on the weekend.

I have been watching it coz i wasn't really sure whether it is legit or not and i had to dump 2 jackets out of the collection for the funding.

At some point the price was reduced which actually surprised me and that was the point where i couldn't hold back and pulled the trigger. The "missus" wasn't that excited for another "totally not necessary new/old G1 which looks like all the other leather jackets in your collection" but since i sold 2 jackets before she is all right with it.

The Tanker is the one with the glider-troops markings?


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actually it's the 67th Troop Carrier Squadron which was operating in New Guinea/Philippines and even Okinawa...

bit yes it's that one, for the final price it was to good an occasion to miss it as I was out for a Tank Jacket for rather long now and I don't mind the patches and the stencils on the back...


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The scarf pocket , is that not for the orange bib, nearly never found with the jacket and which once unpacked is nigh on impossible to put back in the hood


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I've been trying to get one of these for years.....but the unusual sizing labels (compared with the other "NATO standard " sizing the British use) has put me off ordering one from Fleabay


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quick and dirty spoken:

size 6 equals 42
size 7 equals 44
size 8 equals 46

I tried a size 6 (too small) while the size 7 fits me quite nicely but rather trim
in ELC jackets I usually wear 46 :)


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Really? I thought these size numbers were staggered in length batches like the old combat smocks. That is: 1,2 and 3 for shorter people, 4, 5 and 6 for people of average length and 7,8 and 9 for taller people. Each successive number in a length grouping would be a small, medium large in body type. So a 1 would be a short/small, a 6 an average length/large and an 8 a tall/medium for example. Could be wrong though, the RAF might have used another mystical sizing system...


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you might be entirely right!
my answer was based on several size tags I saw on MK3 jackets on the web, and the size 6 I tried and the size 7 I bought seem to confirm my observation.
from what I gather, sizing on the MK3 revolves around chest measurements (IMHO the main factor) and body length.
the size 6 I have seen had smaller chest measurements and shorter body length compared to the size 7 so I would say roughly my "guide" should work...
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The sizing can be hit or miss I have had a 7 before and it was like a tent, they do generally run small so if you see one ask for measurements