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Finding the Perfect Blend: Vintage Style with Modern Safety


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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the awesome tips on classic motorcycle jackets,
They definitely have a timeless look and the quality seems unbeatable.

However, I'm also a bit concerned about safety on longer rides. Is there a way to incorporate some modern safety features, like built-in armor, into a vintage jacket? Maybe there are companies that specialize in retrofitting vintage gear?

Ideally, I'd love to find a jacket that captures that old-school vibe but offers some peace of mind for longer hauls. Any recommendations on brands or styles that might fit the bill?

Thanks again for all the advice.


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I have seen armor suit, rider can wear it under or over his daily clot.
But, if you worry about that, perhaps you need a new jacket instead a vintage one.


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There are a number of companies that offer motorcycle jackets with what you’re describing as “Armor” . They are jackets and pants made with Polymer skid plates sewn into strategic places in the jackets and pants.
The plates are sewn into the forearms back areas chest and shoulders . They are expensive but worth the money .