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Collar & Waist straps for B3


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Hi, I managed to get hold of a Repro B3, 2nd hand it is about 30 years old but is in need of some love. 2 buckles are missing from the neck and waist straps. So I'm wondering where I can either get replacement metal buckles or just top get hold of new straps altogether. Anyone have a idea where I can source these from? I was thinking of writing to 5star. I have already written to Cockpit but so far have not received a response. Many thanks in advance.

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Just wondering what make/brand is the B-3 Jacket you have?

Would like to see some photos of your jacket please.

There's a few sites that carry some vintage flight jacket parts, you might not find the exact thing you want but hopefully with some digging, we can help source something that might work.

If you can't find the exact part, but an approximate substitute, that's pretty good, I like to think of it as having done my own custom 'upgrade' or personalized mods to my gear.

FS hopefully could help you out though, I don't know if they 'cloned' their buckles from originals or not? Not sure.


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Thanks for your replies. I’ll upload some pictures of the jacket tomorrow. Hopefully that will make things clearer. The jacket was made by Avirex and the buckles are zinc looking and as far as I can tell and unbranded. It has not arrived yet so I can’t offer a closer inspection. The exact age has yet to be confirmed but I’ve given its details to Cockpit so hopefully they will be able to verify this for me.
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The jacket looks fairly creased so I’m also wondering what is the best way to straighten it out. I’ve seen folks use an iron set to a low temp and either a paper or cloth placed between the iron and the jacket. But perhaps there is a less evasive method?


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Just wear it when possible . It’s leather the wrinkles will eventually loosen up .
Or … hang it on a mannequin.


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Managed to convert the B3 Photos into something more useful, so here they are. The should show the missing buckles and general state of the jacket. I'm planning on using some mink oil (or similar) to slightly darken the straps once I have these fixed with the appropriate buckles. They look too bright to me and rather orange like. I've seen a similar jacket with darkened straps from I presume wear & age.


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