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    ATF Summer M-41 Opinions

    It was a reference to the cotton liner, yes, and indeed field mods existed. I eventually got a first generation regulation wool lined ATF M41 on ebay. 'Bugs me' wasn't a big thing, just a small point. Dean
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    ATF Summer M-41 Opinions

    Got one. Washed it. Sleeves went up about an inch. Long to begin with. Body of the jacket practically unchanged. Just bugs me that it's pretty much a fantasy jacket. Dean
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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Dog jacket. Wow.

    Sorry for double pic.
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    Dog jacket. Wow.

    This just gave me 'paws' you might say.
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    m41 jackets in the movies

    On top which, the listing is 5 years old! Have to pay closer attention to the dates on search results.
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    m41 jackets in the movies

    Well,well, ATF M38 for sale at the Lounge. Alas, too small! The search will continue!
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    m41 jackets in the movies

    Indeed, they do. The hope is that ATF could come in about 90 to 100 bucks less.
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    m41 jackets in the movies

    I'd like to see ATF do an M38 repro.(BTW Hello old friends!)
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    m41 jackets in the movies

    It's actually an M38, or a civilian copy of one, that Gene is wearing in the still.
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    Honeymooning where he fought, 1947

    Thought this is interesting. dean
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    VMFA-115 Jacket

    Incredible! The work of a master! well done! dean
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    VLJ software upgrade

    I like it. Great new look! dean
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    Willis & Geiger A-2 Repro question

    Here it is with my 9th Bomb Squadron homemade patch: dean
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    Thrift store jacket modified by Steve Sellers

    Beautiful! Terrific job! Well done, Steve! Great looking jacket, Peter! dean