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Discussion in 'Forum Questions / Problems' started by Roughwear, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    I would hope no one would feel intimidated...we are talking about jackets.............just a piece of clothing/uniform.

    I am not knocking anyone's knowledge but its not like we discuss important world events or nuclear physics.

    I know for the jacket MAKERS its a more serious issue.

    As much time as I spend on it, I always know its not terribly important. In fact, I always refer to my jacket/WW2 interests as "my dumb hobby". Folks who don't get how cool it is, nod in agreement with what I call it.....................
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  2. Ken at Aero Leather

    Ken at Aero Leather Active Member

    My post was just to illustrate we all have to start somewhere :>)
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  3. Spitfireace

    Spitfireace Member

    I think it's always intimidating to join a new activity club or hobby, but we have to take that first step. I remember 12 or so years ago... a total neophyte ....... had my start at a site called "the 20th century" on Yahoo groups, still there by the way.. but no activity. Bought an original jacket at Aero Leather Clothing in Scotland for some reason and then realized that it couldn't be a daily wearer. So bought another Aero Leather Clothing repro this time. Since then haven't bought leather but nylon and really can't afford the prices as they now are. Used to be a lot cheaper. I would like to buy a B-3 or an Irvin but it is so much money now. I can't buy anything but authentic, once you've had real you can't go back to Avirex.

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