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Hi, my name is Gil Chaya I live in Jerusalem Israel, and I have a website: with a lot of great patches, I bought Mort Cohen and Jeff Spielberg collection, I just bought 6 A2 all published there in the mail but I have some nice ones on the website , all my jackets are untouched not repainted sometimes the zipper as been changed, best to you and everyone else
Gil Chaya
Vera, I did take note of your comments as you own McCoy jackets and aren’t quick to snub them off as overpriced without handling their jackets. This makes 4 people that actually own mccoys have said the quality is better than the others. In my eyes McCoy are the creme de la creme in repros.
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I found sizes extra small on the Japanese website, they cost £2k. With import duties of 38% total cost it’ll be the same price as Uk stock.
If you can go to Aero or ELC shops, it worth to try their jackets and to make correct adjustments. You can check also Yahoo Japan auctions, in XS, you can find quite bargains on RMZ jackets ;)
Aero quality isn’t very good compared to McCoy. I’ve seen them all and handled them all. Eastman patterns aren’t updated to suit modern cut. Only McCoy cut is updated. I don’t buy used and was only seeking advice whether the steep price tag is justifiable.
heya nick, when ya have time, mind sending me some detailed pix, and measurements of the a-2?
Hi yeah will do it tonight cheers nicjk
Nathan - I am new to this forum and very interested in purchasing a Mil-J-7823 B/C size 42 in good condition. I am a Navy Veteran and looking to purchase. Is there a way for me to post my inquiry to this forum and/or any recommendations for how I can acquire a nice jacket. Thanks Gerry
Nathan Flowers
Nathan Flowers
Hi Gerry,

Maybe do some posting in the different areas of the forum, and see what's out there. Could do a WTB in the classifieds.
G’day Ken,

I’m from the south west of Western Australia & I think that I could wear a RAF flight jacket through our winter. I read on VLJ that your new merino pebbled BOB RAF jacket is actually lighter in it’s wool thickness vs your standard versions. Is this somewhat accurate Ken?

I’ve added more in an email due to post size.

Thank you for your time Ken.

Kind Regards
Steve Brown
Hello Silver Surfer! Please check your private messages.

Thanks! Jim
Silver Surfer
I have, wazzup?
Do you still have the Aero 1711-P available for sale?
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That's awesome Dave and many, many thanks for the link.

Have a great weekend,

Hey Edward, The auction passed with all the Alberto Vargas originals and some prints. The prices were insane!! Even the limited edition prints were over 1000! I was able to score a western piece used on the cover of a pulp magazine. It was a 1931 Frank Spradling oil painting called The Sheriff Ducks
doesn’t surprise me. I have a large printer’s proof Varga Girl that the San Francisco Art Exchange estimated at auction could fetch up to $10,000. And this info was given to me back in 1997! Not hand signed yet can still demand that much as it’s considered a limited edition print produced when vargas was alive. pullouts from the magazines aren’t particularly rare but press proofs are.
remember my doughnut logic. good jacket. Jacket too big. Free doughnuts. Doughnut + Me = Me + new jacket. Simple logic.
Hi Lorenzo,
Im on my way out, but wanted to ask again (I may already have done)... Can you double check the back length at 24.8?
It looks like a nice jacket, but I recon its likely on the short size for me, although the sleeves seem long enough.
ps any fir pics
Hi Brett,

Is that the Brill Bros you are asking about?


John Ross
Paul Glover
Paul Glover
Some of my jackets are posted on an old post Roughwear b3 on ebay, dated 17th and 18th April 2018, they are still on.
Paul Glover
Paul Glover
Sorry John, my message was cut short apparently exceeding 420 words ?. If you cant find the historic post let me know and I will put some pictures back on, cheers Paul.
Ah yes, I was abit confused as nothing came up. I wrote you a long message about my quest for the holy grail and couldn't send it.
Hi Maverickson, could you help me identify this jacket please?
Is it M422A? It doesn't have a lable, do you know which company made it?
Please see attached, thanks
Grant,As the member below stated, We corresponded years ago, back when I was a regular on the Aero Leather forum that Ken, in Scotland, had up. Do you know who might be able to stencil a Tank destroyer thing on the back of a Tanker Jacket? My email address is:
Did see a set of stencils for the armoured triangle and the tank ‘panther’ on fleabay..... each consisted of about three or four and you built up the picture in layers. So they are out there.... not sure of size.... :rolleyes: