Zipper source


Ok I found a few website that sell Japanese talon in all kinds and sizes, new and old, repro and vintage.

Has anybody changed their A-2 zipper? what length would you recommend? A lot of the options on the net. that I've found are talon zippers of length max 50cm. Only just a few retailers have 56cm max.

It's in Japanese but if you're in need of talon zippers here's what I found:

Two crafting websites that seem to have some Talon zipper choice. It's not mentioned anywhere if these are made in Japan. BUT Japan shops tend to sell Japanese product or clearly state it's Chinese made. So I would lean towards thinking the zippers advertised are indeed made in Japan.



The third one is a bit of an odd ball (as often with Japanese websites)
it's not a retailer but a craftsman's shop who specialises in leather repairs and seems to have quite a bit of expertise in A-2 and G-1 jackets. I will email to see if they offer their services to worldwide clients and if it's possible to buy Talon and wool from them.


I'll keep searching to see if I find anything else.


Some Update on the zippers.

I decided to go with

They offer the largest selection of Talon zippers. The website has a "westernised" version in English, but not all the items are displayed there. The Japanese version is much more complete. You can navigate it with google translate's web page language converter.

I contacted them directly to enquire about shipping to Europe. They offer DHL and FeDex, at a reasonable price.

As for the zippers, they are hand made repros from what I can understand and are made to demand. It takes about 2 weeks for a batch to be ready.

The communication was fast and fluid in Japanese. I don't know if they speak English, but considering they have an English version website I would imagine they can.

I ordered their most expansive zipper, a 56 cm long nickel Talon. They say it's equivalent in size to a YKK5.

I hope this will be what I need to replace my A-2 zipper.

The price of the zipper + shipping to Europe = 32 euros or 37 dollars. And they add a freebie just because... hey! Japan customer service ! :eek::p