You don't know me.

Discussion in 'General Flight Jacket Discussion' started by Stony, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Stony

    Stony Well-Known Member

    WA, USA
    I recently had two gentleman (they were no VLJ members) ask me if a flight jacket I have was up for sale, so I IM'd both of them with the price.

    One of them replied and basically accused me of getting the jacket at a low price from the family and trying to make a bunch of money on it. That was not the case as I did not get it from the family and I paid a good chunk of change for it. That person also said that they have never paid over $500 for anything in their collection. Well, I replied back that I didn't get it from the family and I didn't get it on the cheap. They sort of apologized and sent me a couple of pictures of their war room. Some nice items were in the pictures, but nothing IMO that was individually worth over $500.

    Have I acquired nice military items for low prices? Yes, but those are the prices that they put on the item, so I paid it. Have I paid more than an item is worth? Yes, but it was so cool and historical, I didn't mind doing it.

    Have people overpriced items before and I didn't buy them? Yes, more times than I can count.

    If someone has something for sale and you don't want to pay the price, please just say thank you for your reply and move on. The second person has not replied to my IM and that is another way of saying you're not interested.

    As the title of the thread says, "You don't know me".
  2. Carl

    Carl Well-Known Member

    Nothing over 500 paid in their collection?
    In other words they are vultures :mad:
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  3. Thomas Koehle

    Thomas Koehle Well-Known Member

    Mexico Aguascalientes
    Well if you sell stuff on EBAY - or even worth in Germany "EBAY Kleinanzeigen" (similar to craigslist) you run into people like this all day long ...

    Standard message is: "what`s the last price" without even asking for details

    others try to tell you your items are too expensive this is when I block `em and finish discussions like this
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  4. ties70

    ties70 Well-Known Member

    Hamburg / Germany
    People are really "cheap" these days...

    I want to sell a guitar, and most of the "interested" people contact me with "I don't need the case and I don't want the extra pickups.... So, I give you so much less for the guitar. But hey, pack it safe and make sure it does not break!"

    Still waiting for a response from the last guy... I told him I would accept his offer for the "guitar only price" if he would pay extra for packaging the guitar safely ... I could offer a perfect case for the purpose :)

  5. STEVE S.

    STEVE S. Well-Known Member

    People are so entitled & narcissistic in today’s world & it drives me batshit crazy at times. Whole world is here to serve them & their wants. I usually cut that kind loose pretty quick. Can say that for the majority of people I have dealt with in this hobby most are great & consider them as good friends now. Betting most of the ones like Stony mentioned aren’t collectors/ historians, but flippers looking to make an extra buck from any discount when they resell.
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  6. B-Man2

    B-Man2 Well-Known Member

    Well said!!
  7. ausreenactor

    ausreenactor Well-Known Member

    Mildura, heart of the Mallee.
    While not sales related I experienced a similar situation here. Two members assumed that I was insulting US Veterans with a one sentence post.

    Neither were forum members with extended tenure; however, neither realised that my collection over the past 30 years has been focused on US Army and USMC kit from the Spanish American War through to Vietnam. That my days are spent searching for my next piece of American kit. And that my collection, and the pictures posted here on VLJ over all the years, would instantly attest to the respect I have for the American veteran. One tenth of my Facebook friends are serving and prior service men and women of the 101st Airborne. As a 'combat-patched' 101st veteran,who has farewelled their fallen, I let these individuals team up and vent.

    I have learned to suffer fools through nearly 30 years of service. And when I call it out these days individuals get 'offended'. I have chosen to 'ignore' two members this week. The first in twenty years.

    I have duked it out with Van and Steve! Gentlemen I have great respect for (and even even agree with more often than not these days) who I wish were still around. I have no time for 'lightweights' who haven't clocked up year one on VLJ. I will just 'ignore' these types more often in future.

    Hell. There are not that many around these days now that DO know me.

    Great thread mate and perfectly timed!
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  8. STEVE S.

    STEVE S. Well-Known Member

    This thread must be a jinx, as I had one this evening... Posted a $100 knock around jacket for sale on the other site. It’s a generic pattern cafe jacket from the 60’s that I put a new liner in & since the tag was missing, added a Hercules label as a spot filler. Guy pops up & says I’m being “deceptive” by putting the label in & cant understand why I would do such a thing. Geez, could understand if I added a Buco or Langlitz label & was trying to pass it off as such, but A) its a generic cafe that probably millions were made, so no big collector piece & B) installed a label from a lower level store brand. Someone else even commented that “Hey, it’s just a Sears label” . Tried to be nice & explain that it’s easier to fill the spot when it’s apart that to have to open it up to add a label, which I have been requested to do numerous times & that if it wasn’t what the buyer wanted, could simply be removed, no problem. He still doesn’t get it so told him, “I understand fully, as soon as I receive your payment, I’ll be sure to remove the label before I ship it to you.” :confused:
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