Yankee Air Museum’s B-25D to take flight


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Just saw this thread since it's been resurrected. The Yankee Air Museum is about a 20 minute drive from my house and Natalie and I went for a visit just a few weeks ago. The display planes are pretty much all post-WW2, but they do have a nice collection of WW2 flight equipment. The really exciting moment, from my point of view, was when I came across this A-2 from the 100th BG.

My jaw was already hanging open, and I was thinking of Chapel in the Flak, but I said to myself "don't get your hopes up, there were a lot of planes in the Bloody Hundredth." Then I walked around the back:

I definitely recommend the Yankee Air Museum, if you get a chance. I want to go back and take some more pictures, then I might start a thread.


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Great find Jan! Maybe we do need an air museums thread.

I think you need a trip here Brett:

Get to Diss and the East Anglian Chapter of VLJ can make that happen I'm sure. They have a few A-2's on show.

Quite a few actually, I have photos somewhere too.

Same applies to the museum's at Old Buckenham, Framingham/ Parham, Bury St Edmunds/ Rougham etc etc.


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There's a thing. I didn't realise Old Buck' had a museum ! I did mention at the time that I went to 100BG museum in March and took this. I think the detail on the Chapel in the Flak A-2 is a little different ?

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Yep, a nice museum at Old Buckenham run by my friend Jim who puts his heart, soul and finances into the place. His wife Tricia runs Jimmy's Cafe adjacent to the museum. Both well worth supporting and only 10-15 minutes from my place. I took an old chum, and president of the 91st Bomb Group Mem Assoc, just last week.