WWII TBM Avenger splashes into ocean Cocoa Beach Fl


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https:// youtu.be/ nNRbD8MDMD8
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April 17,2021

Authorities have not released info about the water landing, which happened in front of a large crowd of beachgoers.

A post on the Cocoa Beach Air Show Facebook page said the plane was performing in the air show when a mechanical issue forced the water landing. The post also said the pilot is OK.

"The TBM Avenger performing in the warbird parade had a mechanical issue and the pilot was able to bring the plane down close to the shore. Rescue personnel were immediately on scene and the pilot is okay," the Facebook post said.

Further details were not immediately available.
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Fortunately the pilot had skills and was able to put it down safely and avoided injury to himself or others . Unfortunately that salt water is going to corrode everything in the plane , the engine, the gauges , the electrical system, and the controls . They’ll have to completely tear that thing down and start over again.


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The guy looks like he’s done this before .
Wait a minute ... :oops: .... Is that Sully ??o_O

Sully was harder ... landing a low-engine jet on water is really more difficult task and Sully really hero to all civil pilots. In addition, he had more than hundred living souls behind him.
However, I agree with Lorenzo - the pilot of this Avenger is great, he did it competently and professionally.