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WWII Impressions celebrating 25 years!


It's been a long time since we started making our very first US Army Paratrooper uniforms. It is so gratifying to meet up with customers that are still wearing those old uniforms 25 years later. Now we make and sell so much more. We thank our faithful customers for the loyal support and patronage over the quarter century since our humble beginnings. In celebration of our 25th anniversary in business we would like to offer $25 off your next order. Use coupon code take25 for your order of $100 or more. And, for adventurous customers we will take $75 off orders of $500 or more when you use code take75. Valid now through Sunday March 26, 2017. Help us spread the word to your friends. Ask them to like our facebook page! http://www.wwiiimpressions.com



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Thanks Juan:

when do you expect more size 42 and 44 second pattern Tanker jackets with tube knits and M43 jackets


Thanks for the comments.

More tankers and M43 jackets will hopefully restock later this year. (Crossing my fingers for better 2017!)