WW2 original color photos


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Poor lads trying to stay warm in D-1's. Goose Bay, Labrador, December 1942.



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I knew that you meant the fox ;)
The opportunity was just too good to pass by ..

And we here in Austria view foxes as cute, cunning animals... :)


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TBH I can't recall if this has been posted before but if so it is worthy of a repeat. Gathering the harvest, Andrews field, Essex, GB. The heavy horse shown is called a Suffolk Punch and was developed for farm use use in East Anglia [the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge and Essex] centuries ago. The breed almost became extinct as agriculture adopted tractors and other machinery and remains on the endangered list but numbers are slowly rising. How do I know all this? I keep Suffolk Punch horses.

Andrews Field, Essex.jpg


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Does this appear to be London? The LFB’s losses and rolls during WW2 have always interested me from a standpoint of resilience and innovation. They basically wrote the book on collapse emergencies during this time while suffering tremendous casualties of their own