WW2 Douglas C-47 DC-3 Army Transport Restored Cockpit On Trailer

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    Anyone got $28,000 lying around? LOL!
    Link to ebay:
    WW2 Douglas C-47 DC-3 Army Transport Completely Restored Cockpit On Trailer

    s-l400-3.jpg s-l1600.jpg s-l400-2.jpg s-l400-1.jpg s-l400.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg
    This is an original World War Two Douglas C-47 DC-3 Army Air Force transport cockpit completely restored and mounted on a trailer. This cockpit has both pilot and co-pilot stations, the radio operator station and the Navigator's station. The front cockpit has a complete instrument panel, throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, control yokes, seats, floor panels, overhead panels, windows, headphones and microphones. The navigator's station has the map table, several instruments, a drift meter, a wooden stool, a Gibson girl bag, fire extinguisher, headphones and microphone. The radio station has the metal seat, BC-348 receiver mounted on a table with a Morse code key, BC-375 transmitter with all the different tuning units all mounted on tables and metal shelving, headphones and a microphone. The hydraulic reservoir is in place along with the pressure accumulator tank. On the bulkhead are the data plates I made for this project. The entire cockpit is painted olive drab on the outside with the yellow D-day markings on the left side and Operation Market Garden markings on the right side. I added the name "Slap Happy" . On the roof is the correct observation dome. The rear is cut just after the original bulkhead to the passenger compartment. I have a removable step ladder mounted to gain easy access to the cockpit. The trailer is a 2 axle old boat trailer with new tires. The trailer has 4 stabilizer legs to help support the cockpit when it is stationary. The trailer is titled and licensed. The pilot and crew figures are not included. This cockpit is perfect for your museum, collection or to take on the Airshow circuit. I spent over 20 years collecting and assembling all the parts to put this together. Many of the parts are very rare today. This cockpit on the trailer is 10 feet 7 inches high. It is 8 feet 2 inches wide and it is 26 feet 3 inches long. The length can be shortened by 22 inches if you fold the tongue over to the side. The cockpit is located in Apache Junction , AZ where the buyer can hook it up and take it away. Interested buyers should contact the seller with any questions. AZ residents add 6.7% sales tax.
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    That a nice little toy for your quonset hut man cave.
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    Damn! If I lived in the States this trailer would be mine ...:)
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    Haha yes. I just saw that RAF Hendon is having an adults only sleepover some time soon...

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