Why does no main manufacturer make a Cooper repro ?


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With so many companies making their versions of “stitch by stitch 1942 in a box “ replicas of seemingly every contract under the sun and every pre war experiment in missing link between A1 and A2 why does no one seem to be making a clone of the wartime contact that Cooper had.

Is it a poor contract re design and fit etc. ? No demand ? Not appealing as a brand ?

W535ac23381 Cooper 5 Jan 1942


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I just checked the “Eastman Bible” and yes , this jacket needs to be replicated. Especially with the rectangular Conmar zipper and Bronco esque bevelled pockets ,Nice one for bringing it out in the open persimmon.


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My take on it is that the Cooper is just not a high demand jacket like say a DuBow or a Rough Wear .


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Interesting comments thanks. JC may have made a few by all accounts but it’s not on his web listing or Eastman’s or Aero’s etc etc.
Whether the trademark was/is in play hasn’t stopped a reproduction of a jacket style - again JC with Acme Aero’s etc.
It is an unusual contract. Worthy of reproduction. If companies can do a Goldsmith 30 run I can’t see how if offered people would not buy.
It’s different or is it that it’s the branding - Cooper. Not really a top division brand etc etc.

But they did make A2 jackets in war time and in the pictures I have seen they look good.
Rough Wears, Aero’s etc are contract dime a dozen reproduced. One for the aficionado ?


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JC may have made a few by all accounts but it’s not on his web listing or Eastman’s or Aero’s etc etc.
The jackets listed on JC’s main page are just a list of the most popular contracts, not a comprehensive list of his offerings. Check the order form:

I agree with what everyone else has said: rarity of the contract (only 5,000 produced, iirc) and possible trademark infringement probably diminished the ability of manufacturers to reproduce it. I’d also add that Cooper was by then associated with the new A-2s, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the people buying repros wanted to distance themselves from that brand.