Who the heck is Platon? Any good pics of his jackets?


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Yes, but if they are just about as good as a BK why would anyone want the BK at over twice the price?
Well, just off the top of my head, because...

...the standard sizes don't work for them.
...they want a contract other than the Dubow 27798.
...they particularly like Liberty Horsehide OR want to have some customization options with the leather.

Brett has owned both and has said that the craftsmanship is identical. That says to me they're made by the same people.
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I'm a good example. I tend to need longer sleeves.
Platon only offers one contract, std sizes (no long sizes ;( ), std knit, thread and lining (arguably accurate for a WW2 Dubow) and in seal or russet horsehide only.
BK offers a number of A-2 contracts (Navy, Civilian also), allows reasonable modifications to lengths... Plus a number of knit, thread, lining and in some cases, zipper options. And then also choices of leather. Many choices.
BK charges more for many more choices. For me, that 1" extra sleeve length is a biggie, I'm prepared to pay for it.
BK used to offer a budget house jacket. No longer.
I know my Platon Dubow was made in Greece, cause it had a postage label from sender from Greece. Same with my Kelso's.
All that said, BK is still way cheaper than an ELC or GW, for same level of authenticity and workmanship.


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I'm also a good example: I ordered my first BK (a Dubow) before I knew about Platon. Now I know about Platon, but want to explore contracts other than the Dubow. If I was in the market for a Dubow jacket right now though, I'd be ordering from Platon.


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Without getting into semantics my point is that it makes perfect sense for BK to start a different brand for a budget line of jackets.

As to coming from Greece, well it would if it was assembled elsewhere. I'm not saying that they are, but the model of cutting out the hides and sending it all of to India or somewhere to be made up, and then finishing it off back in England in house is well established in the budget ranges of some English shoemakers.


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Platon has stated that his jackets are made in Greece, and that he works with only one other person who assembles them. From Platon's site:

We use Italian leathers of the highest quality. Our horsehide is the successful outcome of extensive research and development that we have undertaken to replicate period horsehide exactly. All the other materials that are used in our jackets are made in USA and Japan. Our jackets are proudly made in Athens, Hellas.