Who Sews On Leather Squadron Patches?

Discussion in 'Care / Preservation' started by lightning38, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. lightning38

    lightning38 New Member

    Who would be the best person to send my new A-2 flight jacket to, to have a leather squadron patch and leather name tag correctly sewn on it?

  2. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    you should be able to have that done locally?
  3. a2jacketpatches

    a2jacketpatches Active Member

    Northern California
    Whoever does it for you should make sure the liner is in place as well. A good way to make sure is to hand stitch it on about an inch per stitch making sure the liner is in the right place. That way, the inexperienced can concentrate on an even stitch around the patch and you can pull the temp stitch later. The machine tends to move the liner creating a twisted look in the end, something you can't really tell is happening til it's done. The temp stitch will only allow small overlaps if any at all depending on how tight it is.

    The job is for any tailor shop, I'm sure they know the tips and tricks to getting it right.

    I have stitched on patches many times for several customers, but never claimed it as part of my regular gig because I didn't really have the right machine. Always making mistakes but I just didn't know how to say no. These days, the answer is no, I just make em, I don't sew em on. Haven't done it in almost a year, and I miss it like a bad cold.

    As far as patch and tag position goes, mark with a grease pencil or chalk.
  4. Jeff M

    Jeff M New Member

    Where do you live? Folks may be able to recommend a tailor/person to sew on the patch.
    Some tailors can remove the lining while they sew on the patches, then replace it once sewn on. No pull on the lining then.
  5. MikeyB-17

    MikeyB-17 Well-Known Member

    Cornwall, UK
    That's fine, but it's not the way the USAAF/USN did it-it would most likely have been done by the parachute shop, straight through the leather and liner without a lot of finesse. Of course those boys were issued their jackets, they didn't pay through the nose for them, so it's understandable if you'd want the job done with a bit more care. If it's a small one I generally do my own these days, by hand using a double needle technique. I've had upholsterers and shoe repairers sew the bigger ones on as well.
  6. lightning38

    lightning38 New Member

    I live 20 miles South of Olympia, Washington.

  7. photo2u

    photo2u Member

    Flight suits used to do excellent job. However, they do not do hardly anything.

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