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Who else now prefers the A1 to the A2


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Although I love my A-2s, I also find the G-1s (and M422s) super comfy to wear practically... But not in summer, that collar is too warm!
AN-J-3 is on wishlist. May be the most practical and comfy leather flight jacket ever.
I have tried A-1s, but don't like the knit collar much, and then that seam across the back, felt a bit uncomfortable for me... I do like the classic retro aviator design.
Have been tempted a few times, but always end up buying another A-2 :p


I’ve had a couple of A1’s, just wasn’t my thing, and sold them. Still have a few A2’s and I suspect I always will.



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I really like the way A1s look, but the wool knits at the collar would likely bug me as wool frequently does. Still, a super look, especially in a nice, vintage antiqued hide. It’s probably best with enough size to rumple a bit at the waist. I always like original pics depicting A1s, both for the era and the look.


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I guess I have always been an A-1 man. For me, they have a classic look and they are practical: no zippers to worry about breaking/tearing away from the tape and most importantly, the bottom buttons (or snaps) on an A-1 can be left undone to reduce the blousing at the waist. That being said, I do like A-2s also (especially the early ones with the rivet zipper). Alright...they are both excellent jackets! :D



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i follow you ....

sometimes ago, i was mad about A2 (especially patched and painted)
but now i prefer my A1 and other jacket (styled 20' 30' 40')

maybe we are going better with age ; like the french wine:)


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I am losing interest in any but the earliest type, blousy A-2s, incorporating details superseded later on. Wartime heraldry and mystique never attracted me much.