Where to find 2" Velcro loop in sage green


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You're right for a flight suit...

U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, Chapter Five, Section 2, Article 5201.4.b and Chapter Six, Section 8, Article 6803.2.b.(2).(a).(2):

“b. Nametags shall be made of plain black leather in 2"x4" dimension. Name, rank/rate and duty status (USN) shall be embossed in gold for officers/CPOs and in silver for E6 and below with lettering in block letters, 1/4 inch high. Only one earned breast insignia may be worn. (Patrol pins not authorized). The insignia (silver or gold) shall be embossed above the individual's name.

I'm Army so I just roll what is on all the camo stuff. Should have figured for a jacket.


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Did a quick search and Levitt has 2" Sage in 50 yard rolls.

so looks like your choices are Mash @ $20 a yard (including shipping)

Or THE DEAL on Mil spec 2" Sage for $2.40 / Yard, but you have to get the 50 yd rolls. They come in separate rolls for the Hook side and Loop side. $58 per roll.

Enough Sage Hook & Loop To Choke A Horse

I know which I would choose......