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What's With ELC?


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foster said:
I had another thought today, but this is speculation.

Eastman offers customizing of their jackets by adding squadron patches, name tapes, etc. Perhaps they shifted the pocket placement on the larger sizes to make it simpler to place said patches from the top of the pocket flap, instead of having to measure different lengths for different sizes?

This is purely an educated guess, and last I heard was only worth $0.02 (or perhaps £0.02 across the pond).
I actually did the tracing and dropped the pockets have the distance of the space and they did look very low. As the jacket looks in the pic you posted, there's a lot of space in between the pocket and collar tip already. But being 6'3" that's the way it goes. I'm thinking that jacket is definitely a tall 46 and a good 2" added. On my sketch with the pockets dropped it looks as if two 6" squadron Patches and a name tag would fit nicely one on top of the other and. So I'm guessing ELC just eyeballed things to look proportionate. Jacket looks great overall on you and I'm not sure how it could be made any better or accurate considering an almost unheard of sized guy in WW2.


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Not at all, no worries! I often forget that I am a rather large individual. My father, brother, and even my brother in law are all tall and as a result I forget that I am not the average height!


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When I was replying here, I was actually referring to myself at 6'1" as well. This pic was taket back in 1990 or something at the Hyannis Airport. I could hardly get to the pilots seat so I'm hunched over the back of it.


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Jimmy's was a size 40 RW 1401-P. He was slender then, so no problem with the chest size, but the sleeves do look a little short when he wears it.