What shirt are you wearing today?


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Too hot for jackets today, but just cool enough for a nice chambray, paired with HBT trousers.

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I have always liked aloha shirts, and back in the day, had some twenty or so originals from the 1930s, 40s 50s. I have sold most of the originals off, as they were becoming far too valuable, and fragile for real time wear. Some were purchased by sun surf (Japan), and some were purchased by a Avanti (Hawaii by way of China). The best of breed, and by far most accurate in print and construction I sun surf. They offer their repros in discharge rayon filament and Kabe type rayon..avanti does a pretty good job, but sometimes their colors can be a little flat. Avanti only makes their aloha shirts in a light weight silk. Kona bay (hawaii) has some very ice offerings of repros and their interpretations of classics. Kamahama (actually made in hawaii) is a brand that dates to the 1950s and they still offer aloha shirts, though not on the same level as the three named. Also, there are several companies that make ubiquitous aloha shirts, but they are what would see at the mall, or middle america back yard bar b ques. As of the last several years, some sun surf shirts have reached collector status, and fetch premiums of 2-3-4 times their original price. Part of that is due to sun surf does a run of a design for a season, and than no more.


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Yes, definitely within the Navy, but a proud bunch that would likely take issue to being "lumped" in with them. Uniforms often differ considerably from the Navy as well. Pointed cuffs (on uniforms) and pointed collars on pocket flaps are a mainstay for the Marines. Lots of other differences of course with their uniforms that would take an entire page to describe.


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Before the arrow they built Lancasters there. Just up the road in downsview , the dehavilland plant built mosquitoes. Dash 8 and global express now.