What shirt are you wearing today?


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stop the press. I went to the uniglo site and found that their chambray shirts are currently $29 and have been revised size wise. I believe what the now offer is the dreaded "relaxed" fit, ie: wide bodied, and droop over shoulders. the new and improved version. as is often the case, the new and improved version is a euphemism for we fucked up the perfectly fine version for the sake of "new".
I went to the site as well and was very confused by the sizing. It looked like I would need a small and yet the shoulders were almost 20" wide. Ugh. Normally I wear a medium or large.


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What the hell, I’ll play. We’ve got an 800-page thread dedicated to showing off jackets. A thread about shirts isn’t that weird.

Buzz Rickson Chambray shirt: