What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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just catching up on old posts... I have the decal on a pair of flying trousers and way back in the '60s i bought a pair of flying gloves in Portobello road market that had cotton uppers, leather palms with teh decal on the cotton, don't know what they were, never seen a picture of the type since, came a couple of inches up the wrist, does anyone know ? .... sadly lost them. and re teh Chinese coins.....Mulceber, if not too badly worn, send me a photo front and back and I may be able to roughly date it

s-l1600 (3).jpg


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Bronson makes some good stuff for sure. I see they have a B-15C mod, looks great. But not for me.
I'd still love a patchless 2nd pattern Tanker or a Harrington.


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That looks damn nice . Any chance of seeing the entire jacket. I’ve always like Cossacks:)

Page 3, if you notice the Kangaroo Brand label, it states, Seattle. John accommodated my request for vintage labels on it. ;)


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I'll take a look at their condition, I know one of them is original B&L, so that stays.

They're also the larger size, if that makes a difference.
@Thomas Koehle -- I sent a PM your way.

I checked the Ray-Bans I have and the pair I'd part with are probably from around 1995 or 2000 -- I'll have to research what they're worth, but I wouldn't look for any premium collectors' price (I'll save that for the 1990, B&L tagged pair with the sales receipt I have! :)).

Not sure what shipping to Germany might cost, but we can probably work something out. I'm not wearing them, they need a good home.