What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Star 42 Sleeve measures 25"R (24"+L), my 40 measured 25.5" both sleeves

Ive had an early GW with an uneven collar, a few ELCs with slight differences in sleeve length and a couple of other weird issues... And an Aero with different sleeve length.
Hand made stuff....
Finally got around to putting the tape on mine and its right at 25" as well


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It may be 10 degrees cooler and raining but it still isn't jacket weather, the humidity feels through the roof.
Eastman .50cal A-1


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There's a website selling vintage military whistles BUT, beware -- they decided the sound of one of the whistles would be a good intro for their homepage. o_O

My wife almost jumped over the back of the couch yesterday.

Oh yes they are good for that! I have a few genuine AM whistles and a few old Hudson / Acme police, ARP ones too.