What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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I was thinking that left sleeve was just a tad shorter. It may be time to start planning a trip to central or south America for a budget arm shortening surgery. What could go wrong?
I will go with Brett, I have the same problem as him.

I have a chest for size 40 jackets, I have shoulders for size 42 jackets and I have arms for size 44 jackets.... I am definitely not well designed ! :oops:


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Now that is exciting! No chance that it is second hand, original owner? Could John have made a bespoke jacket for someone else?
Oh, it's second -hand, I'm the third owner. But it's more about John's learning curve than any custom-tailored jacket.

Now, it's not an inch shorter, like @Brettafett , but when you put a tape to it one is definitely shorter (or longer) than the other.


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Star 42 Sleeve measures 25"R (24"+L), my 40 measured 25.5" both sleeves

Ive had an early GW with an uneven collar, a few ELCs with slight differences in sleeve length and a couple of other weird issues... And an Aero with different sleeve length.
Hand made stuff....