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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Ok I didn't quite understand that it was to ride a motorcycle.
My two cyclist jackets are very restrictive. It would not be possible to ride a motorcycle or even a bicycle (the position on modern motorcycles and bicycles is much more forward than on the motorcycles/bicycles of the 30/40's) with this kind of jacket.
This is something I've said before, but the rumor that German pilots chose these jackets because they were close to the body and allowed them to feel more comfortable in the narrow cockpits of Messerschmitt is, for me, totally unfounded.
These jackets are totally restrictive and I even wonder how one could close the canopy of an aircraft with this type of jacket.

I can imagine this story: "May 1945, a German pilot has just surrendered, he gets off his plane after landing on an American airfield. A GI says to him "hands up!", the German pilot replies: "sorry, I can't..."

This is what happens when you lift your arm with a cyclist jacket :D :

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Haha I see your issue with being able to ride in it lol
I ride a BSA Scout.....so it's a sitting up straight position rather than the hunched over like on modern cycles.
I also have this "hitched up" issue with my A2 jackets (hence why I love underarm gussets for range of movement)


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Yup, another chilly night here, so the neighborhood oddball is out again!



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