What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Great looking jacket , good looking pooch
Brawny looking chap...... wait a minute .... what’s that I see growing on that face ??
Could it be a return of the manly growth that once dwelled there?? ;)
Like many people experience during chemotherapy most of my hair fell out so kept what very little remained shaved, being a little further down the road I relaxed that routine after the hopefully final treatment a few weeks ago so I thought I would relax the cropping routine and see what happened. Well all I can say is that the once "manly growth" has been replaced by something akin to weird, slow growing peach fuzz - or bum fluff as nasty rough types call it ;) :D:D;) I am assured that normal growth may, just may, resume at some point ...which for me some years now has meant plenty of whiskers on the chops but next to bugger all up top! I think the days of being able to sport huge beards or a handlebar moustache may be over ...but we shall see..