What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Spring has arrived to Warsaw, it's 12 C. I'm going to wear my A2 soon, however now I decided to show two jackets that I failed to upload few days ago.
M65 parka that I almost forgot about and 1970 Lancer N2B jacket. Pay attention to my beloved wool 1949 British Army Battledress trousers — I had to lose 20 pounds to wear them :D



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Thanks guys. This jacket is super special, it aint going' nowhere!
Still debating to patch or paint it. I have a set of 75thFS 23FG leather patches from Sean Collins, but I think Im more prone to paint at some point.

Dmitry, I was planning to try and get some more detailed pics, like Jan''s above, but it was getting a bit dark. The grain is really popping out on this....